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Bitcoin encrypted wallet backup

bitcoin encrypted wallet backup

Per Bitcoin Merkle Tree specification, in case any intermediate list of elements (chunks or hashes) is odd, the last element is duplicated. It is derived from the Encryption Key and the actual metadata Plaintext. Backup Payload is a variable-length string containing a fully serialized encrypted backup: BackupPayload VersionByte Timestamp IV CiphertextLength Ciphertext SignatureLength Signature The offset of the Ciphertext Length. It is formed like Bitcoin address, from a public key. Or if you prefer, you can use an external tool to encrypt your wallet. However, you will lose any new private keys in the current wallet. Repeat Step 2 for each private key you are importing. Even if an attacker were to gain access to the device on which your bitcoin wallet is running, they would not be able to do anything with the funds unless they also had your passphrase.

How to Backup and Restore a Bitcoin Wallet

Therefore, you should properly encrypt your bitcoin wallet. At first sight it seems useful to only keep a public key in a less protected space of the app to encrypt and update the backup, but to require user's authentication (e.g. Dat that holds the digital ownership of your BTC is not encrypted by default. Via TouchID on iOS) to retrieve a private key to decrypt the downloaded backup. WalletID bitcoin encrypted wallet backup Base58Check(0x49 ripemd-160(SHA-256(APub) Example: AK APub WalletID Encryption Key (EK) is a 16-byte encryption key for AES-128-CBC algorithm with pkcs7 padding. When the passphrase is required (to top up keypool or send coins) it will either be queried by a GUI prompt, or must first be entered with the walletpassphrase. Wallet uploads BackupPayload using Wallet Identifier to one or more storage services. Approaches 1 Mb wallet may generate another Authentication Key and corresponding Wallet IDs for the second part and store only additional data that is not already stored in the first part. When a person restores his wallet using his master seed, wallet app attempts to download the latest available backup from all storage provider and installs. This password should seem as random as possible to anyone else, but keep in mind you have to enter it manually every time you want to use your bitcoin wallet to its full potential.

The service does not need to store the previous versions of backup for that wallet because it must return the latest one when requested. Motivation, hierarchical wallet scheme, bIP 32 allows user to back up the master key only once in a convenient location under user's control. If you want to encrypt a mobile bitcoin wallet, the process is slightly different. Total overhead of the SignedTimestamp output is 30 bytes (20 bytes for itself and 10 bytes for output amount and script prefix). In order to prevent such cases, the keypool is automatically refilled when walletpassphrase is called with a correct passphrase and when topupkeypool is called (while the wallet is unlocked). Otherwise, wallet may not be able to retrieve exact version identified by Signature1. Authentication Private Key (AK) is used to sign the encrypted backup to verify its integrity later. Bitcoin Core developers enabled a feature inside the bitcoin client that lets you encrypt your wallet by protecting it with a passphrase. Most mobile applications store the wallet. New payment receipt wallet serializes all the data needs to be backed up and computes BackupPayload. BIP: not assigned yet Title: Automatic Encrypted Wallet Backups Author: Oleg Andreev Status: Draft Type: Standards Track Created. Since automatic backups are not encrypted with typically weak user passwords, but with keys with at least 128 bits of entropy, it is safe to put such backup anywhere. Attacker who can potentially get access to such a public key would not be able to decrypt the backup, but most likely would have access to the same private data stored in the same location as that public key.

Bitcoin core - Restore encrypted wallet - Bitcoin Stack

The final chunk length of the Ciphertext may be less than 1024. When wallet passphrase enrcyption becomes enabled, any unused keys from the keypool are flushed (marked as used) and new keys protected with encyption are added. To dump the private keys using the bitcoin-qt debug console: listaddressgroupings walletpassphrase your-passphrase 300 dumpprivkey bitcoin-address walletlock, step 1 will list the bitcoin addresses in your wallet. Master Key is a 32-byte raw private key contained in the wallet's master extended private key (per BIP32). This master key is then encrypted with AES-256-CBC with a key derived from the passphrase using. Frequently asking a user to back up their wallet would be inconvenient. Master Key that should be stored in a location that does require interactive authentication like passcode or Touch.) All the keys defined below are derived on the fly from the single. So, to be safe, you should dump the private keys for your current wallet. Wallet encryption uses, aES-256-CBC to encrypt only the private keys that are held in a wallet. Restoring Backup User restores the wallet by importing the MasterKey. Storage Service Authentication This specification does not cover how the storage service authenticates access to its resources.

Dat and the stop bitcoin-qt. Version Byte is a byte of value 0x01 indicating the version of this specification. To make sure that the latest version is always returned, the wallet needs a trusted reference point. Protecting against stale backups The wallet trusts its service providers to return the latest version of backup identified by Wallet. If not, then user must be warned that the latest backup is not available. Abstract, this BIP describes a scheme to encrypt, identify and decrypt automatic wallet backups using a wallet's master key. Repeat Step 3 for each bitcoin address. To mitigate that, wallet should not rely on the order of SignedTimestamps (as older timestamps may be added by someone in the newer transactions but merely use the one with the highest timestamp value. Using this scheme, wallet first downloads backup identified by WalletID1, then using its Signature1 computes WalletID2 and attempts to download second part and. P2SH redeem scripts or external public keys wallet should first ensure the backup is securely uploaded before sending out any transaction that relies on that data.

Securing your wallet - Bitcoin

Whenever new information is added that must be backed up (e.g. However, that does not really buy any additional security. Wallet verifies Signature of each backup using Authentication Key. When the wallet is unlocked, calls to walletpassphrase will fail. Larger values are encoded with 3, 5 and 9 bytes. For this reason, make a new backup of your wallet so that you will be able to recover the keys from the new key pool should access to your backups be necessary. The wallet is fully restored with no data loss. Incremental updates We expect a modest amount of metadata to be stored (below 1-2 Mb so all updates can be done by uploading the whole Backup Payload. Master Key from which bitcoin encrypted wallet backup all other backup-related keys are derived. However, if the wallet needs to break down backups in a chain of independent chunks, it is possible to do without changing the scheme. Signature is a variable-length DER-encoded ecdsa- RFC6979 signature (up to 72 bytes) authenticating the Merkle Root of the Ciphertext. Rationale Why 128-bit encryption? Value Storage Length Format 0xfd 1 uint8_t 0xffff 3 0xfd followed by the value as uint16_t (LE) 0xffffffff 5 0xfe followed by the value as uint32_t (LE) 0xffffffff 9 0xff followed by the value as uint64_t (LE) Ciphertext is a AES-128-CBC.

Wallet should store that key in a secure location that does not require user interaction to be accessed. Wallet computes Backup Key from Master Key and stores it in a secure location that does not require interactive access. VarInt is a variable-length integer also known as "Satoshi CompactSize". Also, accessing that public key allows attacker to overwrite backup. Error -13: "Error: Please enter the wallet passphrase with walletpassphrase first.". BackupKey hmac-SHA256(key: MasterKey, data: "Automatic Backup Key Mainnet. IV hmac-SHA256(key: EK, data: Plaintext)0, 16 Note that IV also acts as a plaintext MAC, a property that we use to protect against mutable Merkle Tree (see below). Json or SQLite file) and encrypted and signed according to this specification. Authentication Public Key (APub) is used to verify the integrity of the encrypted backup. However, we may encrypt the wallet with high-entropy key derived from the wallet's master key and back up the encrypted wallet on a 3rd party service (or services) automatically. Creating Backup User creates a wallet by generating or importing a Master Key. Notes, payment receipts or P2SH redeem scripts those must be backed up as soon as possible or even as a prerequisite to sending a transaction. Alternative Merkle Tree algorithm would require costly review, testing and security analysis and may potentially introduce vulnerabilities of its own.

However, you can always look into encrypting mobile wallets as well. Next parts will identified by linking to exact versions of the previous parts using their Signatures : AK1 hmac-SHA256(key: BackupKey, data: "Authentication Key WalletID1 Base58Check(0x49 AK2 hmac-SHA256(key: BackupKey, data: "Authentication Key" Signature1) WalletID2 Base58Check(0x49 AK3 hmac-SHA256(key: BackupKey, data: "Authentication Key" Signature2) WalletID3 Base58Check(0x49. The byte value below 0xfd contains the byte length of the object that follows. If backup contains critical data for future operation (e.g. Wallet app may periodically request a merkle path for random portions of the backup to verify that the backup is bitcoin encrypted wallet backup still stored. This specification does not cover the underlying data format. For simplicity, we use the same merkle tree as used in Bitcoin blocks. Every time app updates that data, it is serialized (e.g. Wallet downloads the latest copies of the backup from all available services. One way to achieve that is to use Blockchain and put a signed timestamp in OP_return output in every wallet's transaction: SignedTimestamp Timestamp hmac-SHA256(key: AK, data: Timestamp)0, 16 Wallet adds OP_return output with 20-byte SignedTimestamp whenever the backup has. Backup Key is a key derived from the. Note that the keypool continues to be topped up on various occasions when a new key from pool is used and the wallet is unlocked (or unencrypted).

bitcoin encrypted wallet backup

If blockchain-recorded timestamp equals or below the timestamp in the available backup, then the backup can be applied automatically. Since the backup is organized in a merkle tree only the root of which is signed, minimal bandwidth is needed for verification. Encrypting a bitcoin wallet restricts it to spectator mode, in which you can see the balance and incoming transactions, but nothing else in detail. Replace the current wallet. It is not included in the backup itself bitcoin encrypted wallet backup and only used to reference the backup in a standard way when communicating with a storage service. Why using Bitcoin Merkle Tree instead of a safer one? For less critical data, only periodic timestamping (e.g. Dat file or its mobile counterpart on the device itself and protect it with a PIN code. Steps 2 and 4 are only needed if the wallet is encrypted and unlocks your wallet for a maximum of 300 seconds. Every service may choose its own method. Your sensitive bitcoin information a file called wallet. By using a passphrase, you lock your coins from being spent.

How to Restore Your Bitcoin Wallet - Bitcoin

For instance, iCloud allows access with a valid Apple ID account and its databases are limited by a per-user" (for private database) and per-developer" (for public database). Later all funds can be restored with just a single master key that could have been backed up in the past. The only requirement is availability: the service must be available when the user requests the backup. Dat with the saved wallet. Although the underlying code supports multiple encrypted copies of the same master key (and thus multiple passphrases) the client does not yet have a method to add additional passphrases. Implementations Test Vectors Master Key (32 bytes in hex) Backup Key Mainnet ae229157057a (32 bytes in hex) Backup Key Testnet (32 bytes in hex) Plaintext "The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks" (UTF-8, without"s) Timestamp Encrypted Data Mainnet c31c4bef19ea. This key is computed as follows: AK hmac-SHA256(key: BackupKey, data: "Authentication Key. User can safely send and receive funds without a need to back up his wallet after every transaction. It becomes a courtesy of the payer to include that output. Once the backup becomes too big (e.g. At runtime, the client loads the wallet as it normally would, however the keystore stores the keys in encrypted form. Alternatively, if the backup is updated not because of the new outgoing transaction, wallet can make a transaction paying to itself.

Though PIN codes are generally less secure than encryptions keys, they provide enough security for most users. Since this merkle tree is vulnerable to mutations (if last node is odd, it can be duplicated without altering the root hash client will need to recompute and verify IV values as they also act as plaintext MAC. The problem arises when the wallet bitcoin encrypted wallet backup needs to store additional metadata about transaction (e.g. The resulting object is uploaded to several storage providers. This key is computed as curve point multiplication on EC secp256k1 with compression (resulting in 33-byte public key APub Compressed(AK * G(secp256k1 authentication Public Key can be used by a backend service to prevent unauthorized replacing of the backup by anyone who knows the.

Plaintext is a serialized represenation of Wallet's metadata. Definitions "String" is a binary string containing ascii-encoded text. Find software solutions using keywords typed into your favorite search engine, such as 7Zip, Axcrypt, TrueCrypt, or Irzip. A b denotes concatenation of two binary strings. For incoming transactions, wallet may use Payment Requests (BIP70) to provide a desired output. Hash256 is a double-pass SHA-256: Hash256(data) SHA256(SHA256(data) Merkle Root is a 32-byte root of the Merkle Tree built from the Ciphertext. There is no testnet/mainnet distinction for Wallet IDs (see. It is defined as follows: Signature ecdsa-RFC6979(private key: AK, hash: SHA-256(SHA-256(VersionByte Timestamp IV MerkleRoot) Signature Length is a VarInt unsigned integer encoding the byte length of the signature (typical length is 72 bytes or less). CT AES-128-CBC-pkcs7(data: Plaintext, key: EK, iv: IV) Ciphertext Length is a VarInt unsigned integer encoding the byte length of the ciphertext. This automatic backup could be retrieved and decrypted with a master key when it is restored from user's personal backup. It is defined as follows: EK hmac-SHA256(key: BackupKey, data: "Encryption Key 0, 16 Initialization Vector (IV) is a 16-byte unique string per backup used in AES-128-CBC cipher. The wallet is then locked (or bitcoin encrypted wallet backup can be manually locked using the walletlock RPC command) and the unencrypted master key is removed from memory.

Wallet encryption - Bitcoin Wiki

128-bit AES key is chosen since AES actually has a bitcoin encrypted wallet backup lousy 256-bit key scheduler which is surprisingly weaker than the 128-bit one. Wallet computes Wallet Identifier, Authentication Key and EncryptionKey. The keys are encrypted with a master key which is entirely random. If you have the same set, all is well. If no new data has been added, no additional output is needed. Therefore it becomes possible for someone to reuse previous SignedTimestamps. Dat file, most of which are completely free of charge to use. APub, with byte 0x49 (prefix letter "W as a prefix. Once a day/week) may be performed. Overview, wallet app stores all metadata (labels, payment receipts, redeem scripts etc.) in some local storage. The scheme is intended for seamless and secure restoration of the full wallet information using just the wallet's master key. The latest Bitcoin Core client contains a feature that encrypts your wallet with a passphrase.

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How to Encrypt Your Bitcoin Wallet - dummies

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