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Proprietary systematic trading strategies using factor entropy pooling

proprietary systematic trading strategies using factor entropy pooling

By looking at the non-linear relationships among how financial particles ( decision-making perceptions and market order-flow ) reveal themselves to others ( the implied sentiment factor ) and the order book ( the explicit market factor we have discovered. Reads and writes text files. The power of Previa stems from the model type used,.e., neural networks. Avoiding the curse of volatility variance ( winning in low-volatility environments and loosing in high volatility market conditions ) and making portfolios anti-fragile recovering from draw-downs quickly and adapting their structure for higher levels of resilience and growth. First off, Chaos Theory ( Deterministic Chaos in scientific parlance ) simply means that extraordinary precision would be needed in measurements, in order to know what is going to happen in the long run.e. Editing of the series values. It includes an automated image preparation package, a weightless neural simulator and a comprehensive manual with hands-on tutorials. The Dendronic Learning Engine The Dendronic Learning Engine (DLE) Software Development Kit (SDK) allows the user to easily program machine learning technology into high performance applications.

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SAS Enterprise Miner Software, product: SAS Enterprise Miner Solution In USA: In Europe: Company: SAS Institute, Inc. Licensing: havFmNet is licensed by number of developers. Matlab Neural Network Toolbox. Our system flagged this nefarious behavior to within a three hour orb ( window ) over one month before its onset, and continues to actively monitor such activities to circumvent future portfolio landmines. Prices: 120 EUR for Simulator 310 EUR for Full version incl. A simple layer-based API, along with no restrictions on layer-size or number of layers, makes proprietary systematic trading strategies using factor entropy pooling it easy to build standard 3-layer nets or much more complex multiple sub-net topologies. 30 for regular people and 200 for businesses and government agencies. About the Founder Efrem Hoffman With over 20 years experience commercializing advanced technologies out of the physics lab and into the trading room, for: (i) helping professional value managers and angel investors find smarter investments in the face of volatile market conditions;.

Software Phone: (623) Email: URL: m Price:.S. These classes, while not required, may be used to provide convenient containers for training and consultation data. The DLL contains all the necessary functions and data structures to manipulate time series, neural networks, and associated algorithms. Address: 34 North Cumberland Street Thunder Bay, ON P7A 4L4 Canada Phone: (807) Fax: (807) Email: URL: m NeuNet Pro is a complete neural network development system: o Requires Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT4(sp3). Statistica Neural Networks includes traditional learning algorithms, such as back propagation and sophisticated training algorithms such as Conjugate Gradient proprietary systematic trading strategies using factor entropy pooling Descent and Levenberg-Marquardt iterative procedures. Developed by Novel Technical Solutions. O havFmNet is a C class library that implements Self-Organizing Feature Map nets. Operating system: Windows or Macintosh running Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. Designed for the process industry, NM showed its best performance with real world data sets. Price: 195 for windows or Mac. Introduced version.0 of the NGO in January of 1995 and now proudly announces version.0. Tool includes interactive sensititivity plot, cross section, color contour plot * Time series plot Production Tools * Scripting language for batch jobs and interactive applications * Scripting language for building applications Documentation * User s guide includes tutorial, operations. Armstrong PhD, President Dendronic Decisions Limited Street, NW Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6J 1B4 Email: URL: m/ Tel.

1.1 (Trans-Dimensional Learning). Users can develop their own neural networks using an easily readable matrix notation, as in: vector layer2 tanh(W * layer1 bias) Over 200 examples include: o backpropagation, creeping random search o Hopfield networks, bidirectional associative memories o perceptrons, transversal filters and predictors. Definition of training objectives by adaptation of the optimisation criterion. It includes extensive data management capabilities so your data preparation is easily done right within Neural Connection. Code Builder - Neural Network Edition.

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Note: a freeware version (Save disabled) of the havBpETT demo may be downloaded from the ftware home-page: m/hav or by anonymous ftp proprietary systematic trading strategies using factor entropy pooling from Platforms: Tested platforms include - PC (DOS, Windows-3.1, NT, Unix HP (HPux SUN (Sun/OS IBM (AIX SGI (Irix). O Data may contain up to 255 fields. The Intelligent Problem Solver compares different network types (including Linear, Radial Basis Function, Multilayer Perceptron, and Bayesian networks determines the number of hidden units, and chooses the Smoothing factor for Radial Basis Function networks. Two paradigms in all. 3 Apple Hill Drive Natck, MA 01760 Phone: Fax: URL: m/products/neuralnet/. IBM Neural Network Utility Product Name: IBM Neural Network Utility Distributor: Contact a local reseller or call 1-800-IBM-call, Dept.

All popular Windows spreadsheet and database applications can be setup to retrieve Qnet solutions with the click of a button. Ftware: havBpNet, havFmNet, havBpNet:J. The result is presented in a graphical way which allows the user to analyze non-linear relationships without requiring profound statistical knowledge. Neuro-Genetic Input Selection procedures aid in determining the input variables that should be used in training the network. Sarle view all headers. PRW's automated model generation capability can generate literally hundreds of models, selecting the best ones from a thorough search space, ultimately resulting in better solutions! Qnet neural networks have been successfully deployed to provide solutions in finance, investing, marketing, science, engineering, medicine, manufacturing, visual recognition. Please email for order form.

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There is also a demonstration version of the Software available; please download this to check whether Trajan.1 fulfils your needs. They also provide several normalization/de-normalization methods. The DLL can also be used to develop applications with Visual BasicTM. The Professional II/plus package contains comprehensive documentation that addresses the entire neural network development and proprietary systematic trading strategies using factor entropy pooling deployment process, including a tutorial, a guide to neural computing, standard and advanced reference manuals, and platform-specific installation and user guides. NeuroLab.2 costs US495 (US999 bundled with Extend.1). This type of ambiguous measurement goes on all the time in the financial and economic marketplace, and is known as probing the markets. Provides symbolic interface which allows the user to create:Input and output definition files, Pattern files, and Help files for objects (i.e., inputs, input values, and outputs).

In a sense these numbers dont even exist until they are measured, because before they are observed they exist in more than one state at the same time; until the final moments of decision-making, when the observer probes the region. For Sun (Solaris.x.x, 499 PC (Windows.x, 199) Mac (System.x, 199) Floating point coprocessor required, Educational Discount, Money Back Guarantee, Muliti User Discount See ml Windows Demo on: /pub/msdos/windows/demo oak. RG Software Product: NN50.DLL Neural Network Software Development Kit (SDK) Company: RG Software Corporation Address: 6838. Were different because we dont see information the way others do; When we look at a data set, we see a living breathing organism that expels energy in the form of information to the environment ( sentiment context of marketplace. This GammaRho proprietary systematic trading strategies using factor entropy pooling curve enables our investment algorithms to not only provide a layer of transparency that our peers consistently lack, but allows us to overcome the cost of: being human; or running algos, whose most subtle measurements impart collateral uncertainty into the observed market outcomes.

Most notable among his Tail-Risk pre-casts of wild sentiment jet-stream behavior, was the flash crash of May 2006 accurately telegraphing in magnitude over two months in advance, while striking inside the exact hourly timing window of the anticipated peak tail-risk threat. Complex frequency-response plots, fast Fourier transforms, screen editor, connection to database program. When requesting a correction, please mention this item's handle: RePEc:trn:utwpde. Neuralyst Product: Neuralyst Version.4; Company: Cheshire Engineering Corporation; Address: 650 Sierra Madre Villa, Suite 201, Pasedena CA 91107; Phone: ; Fax: ; URL: m/Neuralyst/ Basic capabilities: training of backpropogation neural nets. Main., Suite D4 Gainesville FL, 32609 Phone: (800) or (352) FAX: (352) Email: URL: m/ Operating System: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 Price: (educational discounts available) NeuroSolutions is a highly graphical neural network development tool for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000. Pattern Recognition Workbench Expo/PRO/PRO Name: Pattern Recognition Workbench Expo/PRO/PRO Company: Unica Technologies, Inc. Price: Prices for the SDK start at 3495 US for a single seat, and are negotiable for embedded learning systems.

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Data exhaust redundant data and statistical information mirages during periods of elevated uncertainty. O Table browse, confusion matrix, scatter graph, and time series graph. O Competitive Learning Networks: Classical, Differential, and "Conscience" version. For example, you can enter a traditional trading strategy (using crossovers and breakouts) and then find optimal parameters for those crossovers and breakouts. O Additional sample data available from URL above. Alnbench is free for research, education and evaluation purposes. O Nonadaptive Boltzmann Machine and Discrete Hopfield Circuit. Braincel (Excel add-in) Product: Braincel Company: Promised Land Technologies Address: 195 Church Street 11th Floor New Haven, CT 06510 USA Phone: (800) (Outside USA: (203) 562-7335) Fax: (203) Email: URL: m/ also see m Braincel is an add-in to Excel using. Introducing Previa Based on a detailed analysis of the forecasting decision process, Previa was jointly designed and implemented by experts in economics and finance, and neural network systems specialists including both mathematicians and computer scientists. NeuralWorks Predict is an integrated tool for rapidly creating and deploying prediction and classification applications. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611 Phone: (U.S. Professional II/plus is available for unix, Linux, and Windows operating systems on a variety of hardware platforms; data and network files are fully interchangeable.

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1 CH-8005 Zurich Switzerland Phone: Fax: URL: m Operating systems: Windows 95/98/NT and on MacOS. Part 4: Books, data, etc. Includes Support for Multilayer Perceptrons, Kohonen networks, Radial Basis Functions, Linear models, Probabilistic and Generalised Regression Neural Networks. They are available to be integrated into your own computer programs for both training and firing neural networks. We keep track of these Decisions ( driven by previous perceptions ) that are yet to be implemented, based on prevailing liquidity conditions and the network feedback effects of both market-player perceptions and their reactions to changes in Perceived Value. Besides allowing the application user to automatically construct neural network for a given pattern recognition task, the system supports trans-dimensional learning.

NNetView allows to learn images (such as faces or proprietary systematic trading strategies using factor entropy pooling colored objects) online and to make robots and other machines adaptive. This type of spoofing was prominently displayed during the flash crash of 2010 by market predators, to game the system for short term reward and long-term strategic advantage. NeuroSolutions.0 Product: NeuroSolutions Company: NeuroDimension, Inc. Butterfly Effect something as appearing innocuous as a flap of a butterflys wings in the Canadian Rockies can cause global weather patterns to yield economic peril across the Atlantic. To get around this trap and impart meaning back into the less ordered ( entropy increasing ) data states, we add context by leveraging the increasing self-ordered structure of sentiment and perceptions biases driving them. Neural Network Models: Adaptive shape and pattern recognition (Restricted Coulomb Energy - RCE) developed by nestor is one of the most powerfull Neural Network Model used in a later products. HavFmNet may be used for both stand-alone and embedded network training and consultation applications.

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With TDL it is possible to incrementally learn various pattern recognition tasks within a single coherent neural network structure. Training is done by powerful numerical optimization algorithms instead of tedious backprop. With version.0, the NGO is now available as a full 32 bit application for Windows '95 and Windows NT to take advantage of the 32 bit preemptive multitasking power of those platforms. Operating system: Windows.1, WFW.11, Windows 95, Windows NT (16- and 32-bit versions available) System requirements: Intel 486, 8 MB memory, 5 MB disk space Approx. The library is designed to support engineering applications as well as academic research efforts. O C source code generation, DLLs, and real-time application linking via DDE/OLE links. 530 Fifth Avenue; New York, NY 10036; USA; Tel.: URL: ml Founders:. See the part 1 of this posting for full information what it is all about.

Free, fully functional, introductory version with user manual and tutorials to download. Visualisation of X-Y graphs. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. Basic capabilities: train backprop neural nets Operating system: Windows, Mac System requirements: Approx. Desire/neunet Product: desire/neunet Company:.A. Implements 7 types of unit transfer functions: simple threshold, sigmoid, sigmoid-squash, n-level threshold, new n-level-threshold, gaussian and linear. Over a dozen statistics are collected during various batch training sessions. Machine Consciousness Toolbox Can a machine help you understand the mechanisms of consciousness? Three types of local learning rules are included: perceptron, delta and fastprop. Please see our Web site for complete tables of contents of books, screen shots, list of users: m/gatmkorn Complete educational versions of desire/neunet for Windows 95 and NT can now be downloaded file which you un-zip to get.

proprietary systematic trading strategies using factor entropy pooling

Although these platforms use real-time data from exchanges looking for patterns and searching for clusters of traders who are bailing out of an investment and providing clear visual signals when sellers are gaining strength before a broad slide kicks in The Running Alpha methodology. Trajan.1 Professional is a Windows-based Neural Network includes support for a wide range of Neural Network types, training algorithms, and graphical and statistical feedback on Neural Network performance. No Royalties or other fees (except for OEM/Reseller) Price: Individual.00 - one developer Site 500.00 - multiple developers - one location Corporate 1000.00 - multiple developers and locations OEM/Reseller"d individually (by American Express, proprietary systematic trading strategies using factor entropy pooling bank draft and approved. Symbolic object manipulation tool: Allows the user to interactively design the input/output structure of an application. NN50's input relevance function is based on information gathered from ftp:ml. The Classifier produces outputs that are the probabilities of the input pattern belonging to each of several categories. Desired results, o Exportation of models to Excel.0 (Win.1) or Excel.0 (Win'95/NT) through an optional Excel Add-In o Five accuracies to choose from including; Relative Accuracy, R-Squared, Mean Squared Error (MSE Root Mean Square (RMS) Error and Average Absolute error. A single expert network is constructed, capable of recognizing all the data sets supplied during learning. Users can modify blocks with the Extend model-simulation scripting language, ModL, and can include compiled program modules written in other languages using xcmd and xfcn (external command and external function) interfaces and DLL (dynamic linking library) for Windows.

proprietary systematic trading strategies using factor entropy pooling

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Design neural networks and generate efficient object oriented source code for C, Java or Visual Basic (VB, Excel, Access, Word). The nasdaq articles showcases how Running Alpha, a Toronto-Based FinTech firm, is redefining the meaning of information and unlocking new insights into asymmetric sentiment-biases, for building smart portfolios that can hedge-for-a-profit instead of a cost against global market uncertainty and tail-risk events. Like the NeuroShell Predictor, it has the latest neural and genetic classifiers with no parameters to set. OWL Neural Network Library (TM). Simulates complete dynamic systems controlled by neural networks and/or fuzzy logic. We also support fuzzy rule systems, which can be proprietary systematic trading strategies using factor entropy pooling combined with the neural networks.

You don't have to know or understand the underlying technology to build highly effective financial models. Price: software starts at 995.00 (call for more info) Solving Pattern Recognition Problems text book:.95 Money-back guarantee Comments: Pattern Recognition Workbench (PRW) is a comprehensive environment/tool for solving pattern recognition problems using neural network, machine learning, and traditional statistical technologies. O Multi-layer Backpropagation with many user controls such as batching, momentum, error propagation for network concatenation, and optional computation of squared error. TDLs Wizard supports hassle-free development of neural networks, the goal of course being optimization of predictive accuracy on unseen patterns. Applications built with NNU are portable to any of the supported platforms regardless of the development platform. The package also includes Owgraphics, a mouseless graphical user interface support library for DOS. The opinions expressed here SAS Campus Drive are mine and not necessarily (919) Cary, NC 27513, USA those of SAS Institute. Complete, interactive analysis is available during training. This allows the user to readily access inputs via a popup menu within the main TDL menu. Easy programming of multirun studies (statistics, optimization).